Dept. Of Social Security Administration


I was left a voicemail letting me know that my social security number had been involved in criminal activity. There is a current investigation and that my social security number could possibly be suspended. The voice mail was left by a computer generated voice. I called the number left on voice mail. It was a man with a very heavy accent. Stating his name was Donald Jefferson with the Department of Social Security Administration out of El Paso, TX. The number was registered out of Center, TX according to my caller ID. He gave me an employee ID number as well as a Case number without verifying any information. He continued to tell me my information was found in a 2010 white Toyota Corolla that was involved in a wreck at the south border of Texas. He said there were truck parts and blood inside the car. He asked if I knew anything of this. I said no. He went on to mention that not only was my social involved with this car but also involved in drug trafficking and money laundering. He told me he would keep me posted as the investigation ensued but he would need to verify my social and DOB etc… That’s when I said, “Sorry, I can’t do that” and hung up.

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