Dawn and Cory Swift Review


Ok I enjoy my work I do at swift I thank them for the chance they gave me but here is the problem for the last couple if weeks somehow I get my loads taken away from either Dawn Cory which have been tough I only get two loads in a week once again today they take all 3 of my loads and give them away it come to the point where I know they going take they always say talk to ur dm in the morning he never says nothing this week here along I haven’t did nothing but 900 miles can’t even pay my lease truck that I got from swift no matter what they allows here to take my loads I have a good white friend of mine 3000 miles every week black guy like me can’t get close because they won’t let me I complained no body stands up am force to take advances cause I have no income no money haven’t seen a good check well haven’t got a check in 2months it’s not swift it the race hate tread that’s behind the desk that I have to deal with and it’s not all it’s this Dawn and Cory guy who seats back playing with people money I lost my wife in October 3 daughters and they just could care less I believe it my dispatch to play along with them


Name: Dawn and Cory Swift

Country: United States

State: Utah

City: Salt Lake

Address: 5175 2100 S



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