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Complaint: I purchased Tuberank Jeet from Cyril Jeet Gupta in January 2014, it worked then around 6 months on problems started happending with the software, after several support tickets the issue got resolved. Now after 12 months the software has stopped working completely, giving false information and failing to do it’s job, this can be seen on Cyril Jeet Gupta’s YouTube channel , with people asking for support and with him replying that everything is fine – he lies – A LOT! I contacted him and Cyril Jeet Gupta of Tuberank Jeet told me that the software would be fixed, by Tuesday this week, so I believed he would keep his promise and I purchased another product email jeet, that did not work correctly returning 27% undeliverable emails! I contacted support for a refund as I only used it once in 7 days and support told me they could not refund me as I had opened a Paypal dispute – lies! I sent them a screen shot of my paypal dispute resolutino showing no issues for the past 9 months! After 2 days I got the refund! Now back to Tuberank jeet from Cyril Jeet Gupta, he confirmed on Sunday that he would resolve the issue by the following Tuesday, on the Wednesday I contacted him and he said he would refund me, I gave him transaction details and the upsell OTO and he tells me they do not refund 12 months on even though he IS REFUSING TO SUPPORT HIS PRODUCT! I informed Cyril Jeet Gupta Tube rank Jeet that I would expose his software/Tuberank Jeet Scam and he said go ahead…he pumps out software to the market and then after his guarantee that is not worth the paper it is written on will find all kinds of excuses to not refund you. Here are some of the links to be wary of and the prodcuts he has created or associated with! Avoid them as Cyril Jeet Gupta is a scammer and theif. Cyril Jeet Gupta’s YouTube channel , Jeet Gupta’s joint venture resellers account , Conclusion – avoid anything with the word Jeet in it, as Cyril Jeet Gupta’s products do work for a few weeks then you are screwed, he will not provide support or refund and you have been scammed by the Jeet! We will promise all sorts and never delivers! I bet his next product is called the IM Jeet Scam by Cyril Jeet Gupta.

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