Cost Plus World Market Complaint


After being in a fatal car accident with my 2 young children I was fired due to not being able to return to work… This company let me go after 11 years of loyal employment! The accident was on April 8th 2008 and after 6 weeks I was forced to return to work. Upon returning on June 16th 2008 I came back to an unfit store and 3 new district managers with no further training upon my return. After many write ups I asked to be demoted and they told me they would look into it… later to find out it was never even mentioned! 10 years of not ONE write up and then all of a sudden they were writing me up for EVERYTHING even things that other managers did! i.e. schedule changes… poor inventory (which I wasn”t even there for!!!) My husband and I decided to have a baby and within TWO hours of the e-mail that I sent out to HR and my District Manager they where in my building telling me I was suspended until further notice! I then had and anxiety attack (one of the many side effects from my accident) and we put out of work due to Dr.s orders. A few weeks later I got a letter stating that I no longer work for the company… Who does that??? Never work for them! PLUS later I found out that my DM was talking to his hair stylist about ME AND HOW HE WAS HAPPY TO FIRE A PREGNATE WOMAN!!! I have proof of this all… just beware of this terrible company…

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