Comp USA Sanbruno California Review


Comp USA again thinks their above the law and their corporate office supports this illigal trade. Comp USA advertised the new Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy movie before they had it at $14, then told customers they would have it in 2 days from when it was posted. (This is the Sanbruno Store) We came back just in case before and of course they didnt have any yet. Picture of the new Hithikers Guide to the Galaxy movie sale. nWe came back when they told us to, and suprise of all suprises (Sorry, not till next Tuesday) I then state you advertised this item on sale for that price, I want it when it comes out at that price then. (Sorry, sale is over then, and I believe we sold out). It went from they didnt have any to after I stated they advertised it to they were now out of stock. nThe store never had this item, and if they did, I believe the employees took what coppies there were for themselves as I talked to Corporate and they got very defensive in regards to this. The normal sales everywhere else was $19.99, except for some strange reason, CompUSA had them for $14? nBtw, I called several stores who never had any to begin with. Corporate quoted to me that “We can have 1 copy to furfill our advertisement

and we dont give rainchecks or holds or preorders

so when quantities run out

we dont restock till the sales over”” nBasically this means

they screwed up on the price so didnt sell any tlll the sale was over. PLus thos said their advertisement had while quantities lasted under the sale

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