As a very satisfied customer of CIS Worldwide for many years, I had no hesitation to pay $29.95 for a search I previously got for free (i.e., no additonal fee). Imagine my absolute disguss to pay $29.95 for a “30 credit” search (whatever THAT means) only to not get the information I searched for. A name like Scott Smith, you’d think, would yield many, many searches, but I got a few names — none of which was the one I wanted (because i know the birthday) so I didn’t even bother to go to a page to see the results. This was for six different searches (including one of myself). Imagine, also, that one name yielded information that I know for a fact was incomplete (again, because of information I already know). Imagine, finally, my horror that my after six searches that yield no resuls, when I discovered that my $29.95 was deplete, and that if wanted to search for anything else, I needed to pay more. | Customer Service did respond to my request (in less than 24 hours), but did not address my issues.



Country: United States

State: Massachusetts

City: Boston

Address: P.O. Box 990142

Phone: 1-888-446-1229


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