Circuit City Tarzana California Review


We bought ourselves a DVD player for $99 and an extended warranty. 3 days later it wouldn’t play so we brought it back. They delayed fixing it for about a week and when we picked it up they charged us $60. We protested to no avail. We paid the $60 service charge and vowed never to shop there again. The DVD player broke down again in 3 days so we tossed it. nWe’ve told all our friends and family and clients whenever we can not to shop there and why. This is just the continuing battle to warn consumers about this ripoff company. nOur family now refers to the company as Circuit Chitty. Chitty service. Chitty Practices. Chitty Warranties. nMitchnTarzana, CaliforniaU.S.A.

6401 Canoga Ave Woodland Hills, California U.S.A.


Audio & Electronic Retail Stores

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