Check Care Services San Ramon California Review


I had a personal checking account checkbook lost or stolen. I looked for it for several days, then contacted my Credit Union to report it unlocatable. It’s a single-write format check system, so my signature is visible on copies. The CU strongly advised I close the account & get new checks. It appeared that all checks written with prior 10 days had cleared, so I did as they advised. However, an earlier check to my wife’s health services provider, Kaiser Permanente/Pharmacey; in the amount of a little over $11. It had, even after 10 days, NOT been cleared; & was returned without a call from the payee or my knowledge. I then began receiving CCS calls – several daily; & from a variety of telephone exchanges umbers – telling me I needed to pay a $25. “NSF”” service fee

plus another $20.

for the collection services. I tried – with several of their agents – to explain why/how they were in error

but all refused to accept what I said; & when I offered to provide them with an official letter from my CU

confirming the account closing process described above

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