Charles Thomas Hill Franklin Tennessee


Complaint: Charles Thomas Hill and Jim Harris are scumbags that operate from the middle Tennessee area. For over 15 years ( to my knowledge) they have been SCAMMING people out of money using fictious business/investment opportunities. They operate together under a business named ‘Lighthouse Global Investments’ in or around Nashville Tennessee. They are not licensed finacial brokers and their business model is to take money from indivuals under false pretenses and illegal wire transfers. Charles and Jim are very crafty and can look anyone in the eye and lie to them. I was fortunate not to have invested my own money with these two, but know them both personally through legitimate Nashville business associates. I was approached by them many times to invest money into scams that were touted to bring in huge returns. There have literally been hundreds of individuals that have been stolen from by one or both of these crooks. I personally know dozens of individuals that gave these guys their life-savings and were left broke. Charles Hill in particular makes deals with ‘investors’ that appear to be legitimate that turn out to be completely illegal deals that result in lawsuits, judgements, and bancruptsy. Charles Hill has filed for bancruptcy dozens of times after investors have taken him to court or to the officials. The SEC and Feds need to investigate these two for their illegal money laundering scheme. Please beware of this report as both Charles Hill and Jim Harris are heartless criminals that only care about stealing money from your account and putting it into theirs. I have first hand knowkedge on how they operate and they should be formally indited/prosecuted for these crimes. Charles Hill in particular is a fast-talking fake that makes himself out to be a wealthy succesful business man. His partner Jim Harris is a legitimate graduate of Vanderbilt grad school that went to the criminal side of the business. If you meet either one of these individuals, BEWARE. They belong in jail for their crimes. Their reputation in Tennessee is ruined and my understanding is that Charles has moved to Colorado where he is once again setting up and illegal operation.

Tags: Bank Fraud, Banking, Consultants, Government Services, Internet Fraud, Withdrawing Money Without Authorization

Address: Nashville, Tennessee United States



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