Charles Anthony Phenix City Alabama


Complaint: My visit at Charles Anthony’s was extremely disappointing. Me and my dinner guest arrived around 7p.m. at the restaurant, and were seated in the bar area in a booth. All well so far. However, after being seated for more than 20 minutes, I flagged down a waitress who said that our server was new, and he had only been working for 2 weeks. Her excuse seemed exactly like a phony excuse, as the area was hardly crowded and the waiter in question, had been pass our table numerous times, yet he never acknowledged us, to say that he was our waiter. He simply choose to ignore us, and I believe it was because we are African American patrons. We immeadiately asked to speak with the manager, and this same female waitress said that Charles Anthony would be over, as soon as he had seated some patrons out in the lobby. After several more minutes, Mr. Anthony did come to the table but seemed to speak with my guest exclusively while seemingly ignoring me, the fellow who was actually his paying customer. His demeanor would seem to suggest he was not surprised at the behavior and he never mentioned why this problem occurred in an area that was not full. Nor, did he convince me or my guest that this circumstance was not condone by him and management; as he seemed quite unsurprised or angry about what had happened to us. While I wanted to immeadiately leave this rude and discriminating place, my guest suggested that we remain and dine. Through out the course of the evening dinner, the female waitress came back and forth to the table and did a fairly good job in covering someone else’s table, however, a male waiter did come to drop a drink or two off and never bothered to speak or be friendly in the least. He brushed against my arm, and smuggly muttered something under his breath as he continued to walk briskly pass our table, and it occurred to me further that not only was this experience simply horrible, the staff seem to be racist snobs who don’t care much for some of their guests. I would advise any African American diners to avoid this place like the plague, I paid with the same money as any other guest in the place, but our service and service experience was far below a place charging more than $60.00+ per person. The reason me and my guest felt uncomfortable in Charles Anthony’s was because that apparently is how the establishment wants its African American guests to feel, un-welcome. That’s my last visit in that establishment, and I have informed my friends, co-workers and church members of this experience, both black and white ones of this poor environment.

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Address: 10044 Chantilly Parkway Montgomery, Alabama USA


Phone: 3342813911

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