centennail gmc


centennail gmc scott peters tim dooelly slander lies fruad and discrination las vegas, Nevada!!. when i came into to work on 2-16-13 i was greeted by my boss scott peters. he told me that me and him were driving around town smoking meth all night. than he called me a drunk driver and said he was going to come over to my house and take every thing away from me. nothing but lies and slander. i wish he would bring the police over to take a hair test .well i was working there i met amber wawers she is one real mean b*tch .she talks about how she screws here costomers its not just the money she screws them on but she braggs about screwing all thease girls with here strapons. tell scott peters to bring it on i will take a hair test any day of the week .scott peters never does whats best for the company he does whats best for him and andrew doleman and believe me andrew doleman dosent like any body. after you by a car from andrew doleman he just braggs about about how much money he maid and just burned them for evey penny thay . they realy should start drug testing there.

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