Sean Cooley the Crazy Cat Guy and Little Boys


With all due respect to Sean Cooley’s way of life and just mostly to be accurate with what I am writing and not offend anyone, Sean is nonbinary and uses the gender pronouns ze/hir/hir. Sean is an interesting person with a lot of quirks and cats but is also super fukin creepy. Ze has worked writing content for websites like Weedmaps and Thrillist. Ze now works for some bullsh1t weed delivery...

A.B.C. Restorations


A.B.C. Restorations Jay Collected money did not complete services as promised. Azusa California!!. Chrome bumpers, stainless trim refinishing Restoration services. Met the gentlemen Jay at Long Beach High Performance Swap Meet. Jay seemed sincere, Even offered to come get chrome trim and Stainless Trim from my 1965 El Camino at my residence. Jay showed up at my residence, took pictures and...

Ed Tate isn’t Worth your Money

Ed Tate isn’t Worth your Money

The number of self-proclaimed experts is on the rise. There are so many people who think they are experts in something that it’s getting quite irritating. These people, who don’t possess much knowledge of their subjects and claim to be experts, would be harmless if they kept to themselves. But their egos are so big that they think it would be better if they spread the word about their expertise. These people also think it’s best for others to learn from them while the reality is it would be much beneficial for others if they stayed away from these fools. These self-proclaimed experts are very high in number. And because of their huge quantity, it’s quite difficult for people to figure out who’s legit and who is not.
You might come across a speaker and think he is trustworthy when he’s not. These fake experts are the plague of the industry and their quantity is constantly increasing. These people have

WENDY ANN MUELLER – AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC, Bay City , MI. – Allegations and Investigations


Users at Gripeo are currently investigating allegations made against WENDY ANN MUELLER - AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC, Bay City , MI.. This webpage will, therefore, assist in consolidating all information with which you can draw logical and valid inferences and conclusions. If you have lost money with WENDY ANN MUELLER, we invite and encourage you to share your story and experience by...

Palm Beach Tan Complaint


BEWARE when you cancel your account. They will keep charging your card, hoping you won't see it or they will do what they did to my daughter, turn your account into a sleeper account where they charge you $5 a month without your permission!...just in case you want to come back to use their services. Can you say SCAM! In my opinion they are SCAM ARTISTs Preying on the younger crowd because you...

Balance Hotel am Blauenwald Review


We have been guests of the Balance Hotel Badenweiler. One night during the course of our stay, we had a less than pleasing experience at dinner finding both the food and the service wanting. After complaining about this to the hotel owner, Maria Grüninger, in person, I was disappointed to be accused of lying by both Mrs. Grüninger and the waitress who had been in charge of our table. In Addition to this incident, we had found the very small room (with less than comfortable beds) we had been given not satisfactory for the considerable price we had been charged. So, I wrote a moderate 2star-review on google and later sent a very friendly email to Mrs Grüninger a few days later, not asking for a refund of the payment, but just explaining my point of view and reasons for having put the review. Mrs. Grüninger replied in an extremely unfriendly note, calling me not only a liar, but "sick" for what I wrote and suggesting that I maliciously was attacking other people out of my own dissatis


Ordered a DVD set of third watch for $39.99 and after several emails they never sent the copy and have continued to ignore further emails and they have no phone # or mailing address list. They have technical difficulties each week and close your help desk tickets each occurrence made. I demand Money back. Stay away # # This review ( was originally published at Skeptic Files. To...

Budget Moving LLC


This company is down right horrible. First and foremost let's start by saying this company previously known as NY budget Movers changed their name to just Budget Movers because they are corrupt and have terrible reviews everywhere (except the ones that are made up). They give a moving quote over the phone (which is higher than all other moving companies in the area) they phone estimate is no...

Beauti Control Complaint


Beauticontrol has charged my in these steps purchase total, then shipping and handling, and then taxing this total which is illegal in Iowa. I found out they cannot tax on shipping and it is illegal. Then a Director Saralynn Ostwinkle charged my customer unreasonalbe shipping charges then taxed my customer after total of shipping and my customers and I want this money refunded to us. Sincerely...