Cashier #16 Fast Stop Gas Station off New Hope & Ozark Mount Holly North Carolina Review


Well I go to the store everyday. The workers all know me so I go in to buy a drink an was asked for my ID. I said why? She explained it was her first day working an she’s asking everyone for their ID. I said well if I was buying something to be ID for I would have no problem doing so but since your worker beside you knows me because I bought cigs yesterday from her an she didn’t even ID me when I bought them. So she turns around with an attitude an tells everyone else what I said while she was shaking her head. Then she through my receipt at me an didn’t say a word. They are very rude here. Doesn’t matter what time u come they all have something up their butts because they are all s****.>

860 North New Hope Rd Gastonia, North Carolina USA

Convenience Stores

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