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i recieved my bill(statement) the last day of the cruise,higher than i anticipated,but was $2540.40 for 4 people.i checked my bank when i got home there were 4 seperate was $789.20,$1300.21,$1315.65 and $1679.89.i have the statement and almost all my reciepts.there is no way we could have spent almost $6000.00 in 5 days(2 at port,and i bought our excursions at port not onboard)my mom doesnt drink and only bought 4 diet cokes and a pair of 39.00 earrings!!!!when i call to talk with someone they cant give an explanation of the charges,or proof of them.i paid for the cruise seperately months not sure what, if any action i can take now.thats alot of money to me and just about wiped my savings.also i am a plumber and do some hvac.the water is almost unpalatable and they are ozonating the air (possibly to kill bacteria,but more than likely to save the expense of changing filters)ozone amounts in the air were excessive and i do not reccomend anyone with any respiratory problems to cruise,ozone replaces nitrogen and other crucial elements,causing hoarseness,headaches,dizziness ,dry mouth and throat,ect..

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