Careers Plus Resumes Complaint

C is a resume writing services I hired to write a professional resume for my job search. I sent them a very rough draft of my experience just to give them an idea of what my job history was all about, hoping to get a call for a detailed interview. I got a call from one of their resume writer named Drew indicating that they just received my payment and document and it seemed like a straight shot. I indicated that the document sent was only to give them a rough idea and he would need to interview me to fully understand my work history so he can write an effective resume for me. He was like he understood my history and I should wait for his first draft, and then make changes from there. I was fine with that thinking he knew what he was doing. The first draft was a summary of the rough draft I sent to him; basically plagiarized what I sent to him. I told him that he needed to interview me to get details of my history so to provide an appropriately written resume in his own words. He indicated that the resume he provided was the way my resume should be, based on his professional experience. However, I told him that the contents did not fully indicate my professional experience and I definitely cannot use this resume. After much argument, he reluctantly agreed to interview me. After the interview, I received a second draft where only few words were revised basically a second draft without any input from the interview. I called him indicating that if he is unwilling to revise the resume to include all my relevant work experiences, he should refund my money. He insisted that the resume he provided is the right one and refused to change it. Basically, the thinks he knows what employers are looking for in my line of work which is a highly technical field. still has not refunded my money or revised the resume. From my experience, I will advise anyone that wants a professionally written resume to not consider using this company because they provide poorly written resume and lack the people skills to work with the client to bring their substandard work up to par. They are a waste of your time and money, do not use them.

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