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CarComputer Exchange INCOMPETENT COMPANY!! Cary North Carolina!!. This company claims to sell rebuilt computers for cars and trucks offering (How quickly will you ship my computer?We ship everything within 24-48 hours after we receive your order in most cases. We ship most everything USPS Priority or FedEx Ground. I ordered my replacement computer and paid by credit card. They immediately took the money from my credit card transaction as verified by my credit card bank. After about a week of NOT receiving my order I called the company at (1-888-875-2958) as clearly indicated on their website. The first call went to voice mail where I left my information expecting a return call as stated in the voice mail……….NO RETURN CALL! I then called again 2 days later where I spoke with a gentleman who informed me they were just finishing up the order and it would be shipped that afternoon. There was NO SHIPMENT! I then called again 4 days later when I hadn’t yet received my order. This time I spoke with a female CSR who informed me it might be ready for shipment in about 5 days! WHAT??? At that time I informed them to cancel my order and credit my credit card as I would purchase it elsewhere! SHE JUST HUNG UP ON ME!! I called my credit card bank and protested the charge to be sure the transaction was canceled and at that time……….not never or weeks later! I reordered the computer elsewhere with guaranteed shipping within 24 hours. A few more bucks but well worth it as I needed the part ASAP. I have serious medical issues requiring me to have a competent running vehicle. These people could care less!! I recommend if you are in need of replacement automotive computer parts to look elsewhere! There are many other distributors out there. I have learned from the past when online sites post their own customer reveiw scores and reveiws to STAY AWAY!! I’ve learned my lesson………never again!

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