Capstone Pain & Spine Center Complaint


After paying a $157.01 bill in Jan by check, I went to a March 14 appt at Capstone. I was told that I could not proceed to my appt until I paid $157.01 right then. I told them it sounded like blackmail, and that I believed I had paid that amount several months before (did not carry my checkbook with me). They said I had to pay to see Dr, so I put it on a credit card. Upon going home I found the check stub -called my bank and check had cleared meaning Capstone had deposited check for $157.01. I called them and told them this, and the office clerk said it would be corrected and they would call back. Never called, so I called again and was given another office and they had no record of any of it, so no one knows and I cannot get any response other than excuses and runaround. Meanwhile they get away with double billing. I have seen this in statements going to insurance as well with this Dr. office. How can i get them to correct this? who can I file complaints with to get action?

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