Campus Quarters Daphne Alabama Review


Campus Quarters is a student housing company based in Austin, TX. They have a couple of locations but I am focusing my anger at the Mobile, AL location. My stepson and two others rented from Campus Quarters to be close to the USA campus. The leases very so we went with a one year lease, didn’t want to be locked in any longer than that. At the end of the lease, my stepson and one of the roommates, moved to another location. We settled up with CQ and were told that the balance was zero. 15 months later, my wife gets a phone call from a collection agency saying that we owe $437.00!!! Obviously we were shocked! We were told that we owed a $5 light bulb fee, $20 cleaning fee and $412.00 for water overages. Not only did we get this call, but so did the parents of the other two students, and for the same amount. My wife told them that we will not pay anything until we see an itemized bill in writing. We have yet to see it! The parents of the other two have requested the same and they haven’t gotten one yet either. During his stay there, he would get his monthly bill and it always had some little nickel or dime charge on it for something, which he paid. Now why would a company wait 15 months to get paid for any overages incurred? How can three students incur $412.00 each in water overages if they don’t live there? We posted our frustration on FaceBook and got several replies about similar experiences with CQ, one in which the parent was told she owed $3,000! This person never signed a lease, put down a deposit, or stepped foot on CQ other than to see about possibly renting. That has been over a year ago and after telling them to put it in writing, she hasn’t heard from them since. There is no telling how much money they have made on this scam. I’m sure there has been several students, not knowing any better, pay this for fear of retribution! Beware of this company!

112 S University Blvd Internet USA

(251) 345-0444

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