Caminho da Luz Complaint


Caminho da luz is a retreat centre in portugal offering kambo retreats and who also promote the ayahuasca retreats run by sanctuary 1860 ayahuasca retreat centre. Their retreat centre was badly damaged in a prophecized fire, and another fire is prophecized for 2018. They direct people to the sanctuary 1860 for ayahuasca ceremonies, but those at the sanctuary 1860 are not trained in ayahuasca or santo daime facilitation, and are also involved in other questionable behaviour. The brother in law and the sister of alexandra akat who runs the sanctuary 1860 were busted for cannabis in november 2016 by the police and in january 2017, the brother in law made death threats against a spiritual teacher who raised serious ethical concerns about how the ayahuasca retreats were being run (namely irresponsibly, without respect for the law and without proper accreditation). Despite all the above, in april 2017, caminho da luz kambo retreat centre started promoting the sanctuary 1860 retreat centre, and the facilitator named daniela markert, despite the fact she is under police investigation for cannabis trafficking and despite the fact her partner got drunk on ayahausca dieta and threatened to kill or cripple someone. Police reports were filed throughout the year also about the threats made by some associated with the sanctuary 1860. It could be said that the caminho da luz kambo retreat centre in portugal did not know, so they were told about what was going on, and it was suggested that they no longer support retreat centres with involvement in drug busts in the family and condoning violence (when the sanctuary 1860 were told about the threats of violence made by their ayahuasca facilitator, they just moved the retreat to his house!?) There is email record that olly and andi of the caminho da luz kambo retreat centre were told of the serious concerns in relation to who they were unwittingly supporting, and when told, they clearly chose not to act, and continue to support sanctuary 1860 and irresponsible behaviour in the ayahuasca / santo daime portugal community. When you support those involved in condoning criminal behaviour, or partnering up with people in police trouble (and on police bail), things can, and do go wrong, and thus caminho da luz kambo retreat centre were not so discerning in choosing who to support and work with. Andi and olly instead gave the silent blessing and support to those who threaten to kill witnesses in criminal trials, threaten to put them in wheelchairs, or mock and abuse them for pleasure. In october, members of caminho da luz posted how beautiful the sanctuary 1860 was, just weeks before, all of the sanctuary 1860 gathered round to support death threats, claiming the mentor that foresaw the fires would be killed before the police can help. Days later the fires came and destroyed or damaged four ayahuasca retreat centres in a single day. Caminho da luz is now under police monitoring for any substance dealing and cultivation of cannabis that might go on there. Attached are pictures of 14 kilos of cannabis found at the house of a friend of caminho da luz, who now faces 12 years in prison. Some of the friends of caminho da luz threaten to send people to hospital, deal in lsd and cannabis, get busted by the police and then claim to have the power to kill people. Despite that, the owners of caminho da luz just continued sending people to drink ayahuasca tea in unsuitable, toxic and metaphysically very dangerous settings indeed.

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