CallingMart Review


I needed to purchase a prepaid card code for , as they – without warning – have stopped accepting paypal. After searching on the internet for another viable solution, I arrived at | Their landing page (one of them) boasted of INSTANT PIN delivery, upon payment. Naturally upon paying my money and receving a transaction success confirmation, they delivered the following bullshit: | “Thank you for your purchase! We have received yoru order however, we apologize that it was not automatically processed. For returning customers that have gone through our,verification process already, the following may have caused the delay on your order: | . our system received a technical error from our PIN/airtime minutes provier | . this may be a possible duplicate order | .buying limit may have been exceeded | Our customer Service team will check your order shortly. | For new customers and this is one of your first purchases from us, your order may have been held for manual review of yoru account and we may have to contact you by ‘phone to verify your account. We will contact you shortly at the ‘phone numbers provied in your CallingMart account (if you have created one) or in your registered phone number in Paypal (if paid via Paypal) | Our Customer Service hours are from Mon-Fri 9:30am to 12am Eastern Time and Sat-Sun 10:00am to 10pm Eastern time. You may call us at 1-877-GET-PIN (1.877.643.8746) or email us at [email protected] // | THESE TYPES OF TACTICS SICKEN ME!!!! People like these are criminals and there is no recourse but to call the charlatans and play their little game. UPON calling the charlatans…the foreginer who answered could barely speak comprehensible English, which added to my mounting frustration. Data mining me the whole time rather than providing a cogent explanation as to WHY my PIN hadn’t been delivered, and JUST how the hell could they possibly “contact me shortly” as I’d provided NO number at which they’d be able to do that. SHE HUNG UP ON ME. | Piece of s**t COMPANY STILL HASN’T PROVIDED MY PIN and has STOLEN $29.99 from my account. | Stay far away. They’re scumbags and are only out to steal.


Name: CallingMart

Country: United States

State: Alaska



Phone: 1-877-643-8746


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