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On February the 10th I ordered 7 Sangiovese vines from My credit card was charged for the order, and I believed all was well after reading what seemed like a professional company’s info on their website. It is now 24 days later and my order is still stuck in “Processing”” (though obviously they have my money). I have tried several times to contact the company by email

and have not received any reply as to my status

or even an acknowledgement that they received my email. I have also tried calling this vendor and the number provided on their site goes to a personal voicemail box of a Mr Bickers who never answers. nIt is seeming that my only alternative left is to go through the process with my bank to refute the charges and reverse the payment. Perhaps the bank will have better luck pursuing the vendor to recoup the losses. They certainly have easier access to lawyers than Joe Blow on the street. My advice to anyone considering using this company is to avoid doing business with them at all costs. They clearly are not as professional as they appear

and may not even be in business based on the lack of any contact short of auto order payment processing as far as I can tell. Take your business to someone who appreciates it.”

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