Bryant Heating and Air (Carrier) Marietta Georgia Review


After investing $22,393.75 in March of 2006 on 3 Bryant Evolution heat pump systems,nthere has been several problems, amounting to another $1450.00 indicating that these systems arendefective. August 6, 2010n$700 REPAIR:nStarting in August 2010, while under heat advisories and just a little into our 4th year, the compressor on the main system #698BN060-C went bad. For the past four years, I have been satisfied with all three of our Evolution systems which we have serviced twice a year. It took 3 days for the compressor to arrive then the factory (Bryant) sent the wrong one. Since this happened over a weekend, we were on day 6 with no air and heat advisories. Friday morning, I called to see if a compressor could be rushed to us. They said it would be Monday before we could get it. Bryant wouldn’t budge and said that they didn’t even know which factory my dealer ordered it from. Pretty much, they didn’t want anything to do with it and did not seem interested in keeping a customer who bought 3 of their top of the line systems happy. August 8, 2010n$225 RepairnThree days later, after replacing the compressor, the capacitor went out on the upstairs unit. November 18,n2010 No Charge nReplaced defective compressor installed on August 6th. The new one quit working. December 21,n2010 No ChargenReplaced defective defrost board. The outside unit was frosting so badly that frost was bulging through the wire grate cover on the unit. January 3, 2011n$525nUpstairs compressor quit working, we were without heat. nMy kind repair company tried to get some restitution from Bryant, but they would not budge since they do not warrant the compressors. It is clear Bryant doesn’t warrant these parts for the mere reason that they are unreliable and defective. After spending over $22,000 as an initial investment, having our HVAC systems serviced twice a year only to have parts go bad and dump another $1450.00 into these Bryant Evolution units, Bryant should offer some restitution and customers should know about the problems with these units before making such a large investment.

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