Blue Sky Video Productions Review


I care not to type on and on about all the particulars. Suffice it to say that you are walking into a minefield of extremely tricky behavior and dishonesty when doing business with this firm. You are not dealing with a straight shooter here. | They did their very utmost to screw me out of $750.00. It took all my legal maneuvering and pressure to get back the $750.00 deposit of mine they had in their possession. Sleaze opeation that they are, they most reluctantly released only $400.00. Apparently, any embarrassment nor shame whatsoever, they hung onto the other $350.00. | Some businesses are just plain, upright, good people, and worry about their reputation. They want to be known as stand-up folks. Other businesses are out to extract whatever they can from the unsuspecting public, reputation and ethical behavior be damned. I never received any products nor services from this firm, but it still gladly has my $350.00.


Name: Blue Sky Video Productions

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Lake Forest

Address: 100 S Saunders Rd

Phone: 847-722-5951


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