BlockBuster central city Kentucky Review


I rented 3 movies from Blockbuster video and returned them within a timely fashion however to find out they never got checked in and for some odd reason are nowere to be found in the store again. nQuestion.. were did they go? I know i returned them and all i get from the manager “shelly”” and the people over her is well if you returned them then they should be here and there no so they are not here and you have to pay for them. Even thou i had rented numerous movies prior to and even paid for movies that i know had been lost and i couldn’t return. I didn’t have them so i paid for them. (nothing like honesty to get you a slap in the face by a company that doesn’t care about there customer) na previous employee told me that if i would pay for them they would take them off the shelf and give them to me.. well then shelly comes along and says well we would then when the big wigs call her on it then its no i only ment i would if they were returned.. well then why didn’t she say that in the first place if thats what she meant. its amazing when someone is cought on a lie that could get them into trouble how they compound it to save there own butts. nJohnncentral city


116 S. Second Central City, Kentucky U.S.A.


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