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Billy Wood Ford Billy Wood Sold me LA Flood Vehicle, jeopardized my health and insults Jena Louisiana!!. Mr. Billy Wood sold me a LA flood vehicle (based on appraisal and inspection from automotive professionals) The vehicle was advertised as a clean premium vehicle and was tagged at a premium price. Mr. Wood sent a salesman who had been drinking (4 beer cans on the rear floorboard and breath to account for everyone) to pick me up from the Alexandria airport. To pick me up from the airport was a jesture of customer service. About halfway through our drive from Alexandria to Jena the sales representative was pulled over for speeding and could not produce a valid drivers license. The LA state trooper informed him that his license had in fact been revoked and had been for some time. I’m pretty sure that it’s against some law governing the business practice of vehicle dealerships to have a impaired employee with an revoked license to drive company vehicles much less drive a consumer around. The LA state trooper checked my own drivers license and said that I would have to drive beacuse the salesman didn’t have a valid license. We arrived at the dealership after 8:00 pm and I attempted to see the vehicle in the dark. I asked if there were a lighted garage or shop which to inspect the vehicle before purchase. Salesman said that he had no access to the interior of the property after business hours. The vehicle did not look as “premium” as it did in the online pictures. More damage than reported in Carfax, Autocheck or National Motor Vehicle Title Information Sustem. The under side of the vehicle was mostly rust. I had already been through a lot with this salesman by this point. I’m standing there with $18,000 cash and no way back to “civilization”. My instincts said do this get out of here and handle this in the light of day. Where I failed is that I assumed in Louisiana as in most states that I would have 72 hours to return the vehicle if I happened to change my mind. I signed the papers that I needed to and drove off with the vehicle. 3 states later I took the vehicle directly to my personal mechanic. Didnt take long for him to suggest this was a flood vehicle with excessive water damage inside and out. Excessive rust and hoses, boots and bushings have started to dry rot. Advised to take back to dealer without delay. This is when I found out that “When you pull a vehicle off a lot here in Louisiana, you own it. I oppered to bring the vehicle directly back but was told the dealer would not accept it. I addressed the salesman and sales manager about my options. I was told that I didn’t have any. The sales manager discredited the reported condition and damage of the vehicle claiming that it was a good buy, a premium vehicle offered at a premium price. Signed off and basically said good luck with it. I did manage to speak with the controller at the dealership whom was quite curtious and offered hope that Mr. Wood if notified would be reasonable and would try to make it right. When Mr. Billy Wood called me back he instantly blamed me for the situation on and on he went and when he would ask a question before I would get a sentence in he said “you do t shut the f**k up do you?” He was beyond rude and very intimidating. I tried to be reasonable but when I felt I had no other options I mentioned the troubles that I had with the salesman and the commitments that had not been met. He said that he knew his sales rep had a problem but thought it was on the past. As he continued to blast me I assured him that I didn’t want to drag him through the mud, that I just wanted him to make it right with me. He questioned my motive and I mentioned filing a complaint with the better business bueareu his response “f* those guys, they don’t mean anything to me. f* you. Go get yourself an attorney. I have reached out to a few attorneys and haven’t heard anything yet it being Friday afternoon, I felt the need to make this community aware of the bully that does business down the road in Jena and in the neighboring state of Arkansas.

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