Better Paving Review


One of the worst companies I have ever had come to work for me, and his name is Michael Gilk with Better Paving Co. All payments were organized properly and executed for him. My driveway was done, but the first rain storm I noticed he left out an entire process causing my driveway to form massive puddles within it. | When contacted he continued to push back on coming back to fix it for WEEKS! After contacting the original third party who recommended him they as well reached out and were told to wait “on his schedule”. Eventually after texting him and him even promising to mail me a check (that never ever came or was sent out) my driveway is still ruined. | Since then I have continued to contact him and he has now reached the point of telling me via text “I’m the most annoying person he has ever met” as well as “drop dead”. Also when he noticed my original review on his website, Home Advisor removed them from their recommended companies and he has called me screaming at me for doing this. This is the main reason for his actions.


Name: Better Paving

Country: United States

State: Alaska

City: Toms River

Address: 1881 Route 37 West Unit 333

Phone: (732) 901-2812


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