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On Black Friday 11/23/2007 I purchased a SONY Camacorder DCR-DVD108 from BestBuy. When I was in the store, I asked a Bestbuy employee what was the difference between SONY DCR-DVD108 and DVD308. He told me the zoom level was different and DVD308 had a socket to attach an extra light but DVD108 not. DVD108 was on sale, so I purcahsed that one. After I came back home, I researched on the Internet and found out that the DVD108 model had lower resolution than DVD308. It is not what I want. Today (11/24/2007) I decided to return. I was unware that my wife opened the box. She did not open anything else (battery, DVD, and so on), just the big box to take a look of the Camacorder (broke the tape on the box). nThe item was 320.00 and they were going to charge me a 15% restocking fee, about 48.00 + tax. I talked to the manager and told them noboby read the tiny words on the back of the receipt and nobody read the words on the board over the Customer Service counter before he/she decided to return purchase. Does anybody go to a Store’s Customer Service to read its policy before he/she buy anything? This policy is really unfair to consumers. BestBuy sells products in higher price than other stores. They must take the risk of unsatisfaction of their customers. nPeternKing of Prussia, PennsylvanianU.S.A. nNever goto bestbuynCollegeville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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