Best Buy Berlin Maryland Review


I work in the DC Metro area but live on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. nOn Black Friday (11/28/08), I went into the Best Buy in Reston, VA to check on an advertised deal. My very first question to the sales person was if I could order the products from their store but have it delivered and set up in my home in Maryland. I clarified exactly where the house was (3-4 hours away) so there would not be the confusion that it was the Maryland closest to DC. He said no problem that he could put in the order but route it out there. nWhile we were checking out, the system to set up deliveries went down (I confirmed this later with other stores). He promised to call the next day when he got to work after setting up delivery and install. nNo call. nI was tied up with work and wanted to give him a few days anyhow so at the end of that week, I went into the Manassas, VA store. I was told to call the Geek Squad’s 800#. I did. They had to escalate it to a “DSM”” who would call me back in 24-72 hours. That puts us into week 2. nOutraged at this apparent issue

I called the Consumer # to Best Buy Corporate. They were helpful but I ended up getting the same DSM response. nI called corporate back again the next day. This time I found someone helpful enough to call the store in Virginia. Seems the problem was that those items did not exist in Maryland so they just didn’t do anything at all. Had _I_ not called and tracked all of this down

I’d be sitting in limbo with no way to get my products. nSo

Corporate gets something set up between the VA store and the MD store near my house. We’re now in week 2 of this

getting close to Week 3. The MD store calls me because

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