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***THE MOST RIDICULOUS REBATE PROGRAM*** I have been buying Seresto Collars for my pets for many years now and have been very satisfied until this past year. The collar works… it’s expensive but it lasts 8 months. It seems safe enough and I have literally watched flees drop dead off of my cat before. So I purchase between 5 and 9 collars every 8 months. I had 5 dogs, 2 cats and I get my sons 2 dogs collars also. I have never had any issues with the mail in rebates before. I would pay around $70 for a collar and get a mail in rebate. This past year, I didn’t receive 5 of the 11 rebates I sent. I just spoke with them and found out THERE IS A LIMIT OF 6 rebates a year!!! Tell me how that math works out when u spent close to $800 yearly on products that need to be replaced every 8 months but there is a limit of 6 per 12 months!?!? What a rip off! After 4 years of being a loyal customer, I will take my loyalty somewhere else!

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