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Bay City Motors AVOID THIS USED CAR DEALERSHIP!!!!! San Leandro California!!. Avoid this dealership. A nightmare of a used car purchase. I purchased a 2005 Saab 92x Aero for $9K in January 2002. I had a tune-up performed the day I bought the car. The car blew a piston after less than 2,000 miles the first month of ownership. As a consumer there is always the risk of buying a used car as is. I called their office and explained the situation to the salesman. He explains to me that he is only a minion and will pass the information to the owner. The owner calls me and tells me he will look for a replacement engine. I have not heard from the dealership since. After multiple calls, I have never directly spoken with the owner again. I live 200 miles north of Oakland, so I have not attempted to confront the dealership in person. The engine needs to be rebuilt at a cost of $3500. I never expected the dealership to cover any of the repair cost. With that said, purchasing a $9K car should warrant a better solution than having my phone calls being sent directly to voice mail.

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