Automobile Inspections Complaint


Automobile Inspections LLC claim to be experts in inspecting cars for pre-purchase but have totally unqualified inspectors who “guess” their way thru an inspection on classic cars. I had one done recently on a late 60s Rolls-Royce and I ended up spending 3 hours with an inspector explaining to him how different things on the car worked and were “supposed to be”. I am a Rolls-Royce restorer of 30 years and the inspector not only did not understand the workings of the car and its various features but wanted to argue and dispute my understanding of them. Needless to say the report was incorrect in its finding, was mis-leading and provided a very inaccurate over-view of the car. In this case, the car was a 100% original quasi show-car falling within the upper 10% percentile of examples and yet Automobile Inspections LLC, concluded it to be just a “good” car for driver purposes. This may not seem bad but the report seriously questioned the value of the car for an avid collector who engaged their services. Automobile Inspections LLC had no idea of the unique Citroen-licensed hydraulic system adopted by Rolls-Royce (claiming normal brake pump noise as valve lifter noise), did not know that Rolls-Royces were hand-made (citing imperfect body panel fitment as a major fault), were unaware of the car having major body panels constructed of aluminum (and citing the different “sound” of body-tapping to be the result of excess bondo), suggesting factory applied underside body sound-deadening as restoration “cover-up” handy work amongst other things. On general items, they could not identify a $12, 000 bare metal respray citing it as a cheap and “poorly prepared” repaint. They had no ability to assess the characteristics of hand-crafted wood interior finishes and leather upholstery. The list goes on Basically, they go thru a car and list anything they DON’T know as a fault, get paid their $350 and walk away with a “no responsibility” escape clause for any errors. Both the buyer and the seller agree that the reports are “arm-long” simply to protect Automobile Inspections LLC from any recourse from buyers (sellers are emphatically denied a copy and in fact any and all copying of a report is regarded as “theft of intellectual copyright” by Automobile Inspections LLC!) One has to ask what is the point, then, if no car gets sold because of such an over-cautious report that is not only incorrect but then cannot be shared, discussed or reviewed by any other party?! Efforts to contact Automobile Inspections LLC to discuss the report were rebuttled by threats of legal action and criminal action. They offer a live chat web-link which was terminated mid-conversation and emails and phone calls not returned. Please note, this report against Automobile Inspections LLC is for the awareness of sellers AND buyers alike. When it comes to Classic cars, buyers want them as much as a willing seller wants to sell one. Classic cars are bought and sold out of “want”, not “need”. It is not like buying the next family car. What is the point of having an unqualified inspector carrying out an inspection on a car and erring on the side of negativity when he does not have knowledge on the car by providing a bad report. Who does this help? Only the inspection companies, perhaps, who get to do more reports because buyers and sellers do not conclude a deal. What a shame that such beautiful and stunning classic cars are not passed from one caretaker to another because of some ill-informed, uneducated and incompetent inspectors. I can only assume the ill-mannered personnel at Automobile Inspections LLC are most likely failures in their quest as mechanics in the real world and this is their “new job” – to scam a short-gain fee for their well below standard service. A not so lousy $350 at that! You would think for that price, they could do some internet research on the product or get a truly qualified person at that! BUYERS and SELLERS beware.

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