AtoZ Roofing Company Golden Valley Arizona Review


I hireds Scott, The owner of a2z roofing company in Kingman Arizona to replace the roof over my patio. He charged me $1075.00 to do the job. Since then, his people, along with him have been back four times to attempt to redo the work as the roof leakes. Their shoddy workmanship has created a situation where they have my money, and my roof still leaks. Scott, the owner promised to come back and fix it after i threatened to go to the licensing board, but that was two months ago, and he has not come back yet. I called Pam, his office manager, but he is too unprofessional to return my calls. This guy and his company are a rip off operation that takes your money, and does a half assed job and does not stand behind their work. If excuses were music, they would be a brass band. Stay away from a2z roofing company in Kingman AZ if you want a professional roofing job done. They will do a lousy job, and not stand behind it.

3392 N Bank Street Kingman, Arizona USA

928 757 2071

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