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Appliances Connection Am Home delveryTrucking Got their money and RAN! Brooklyn, NY!!. July 2nd I ordered from the company calling themselves Appliances Connection. (They are also 1 Stop Electronic center, INC and sell Bosch Appliances through Amazon.) It took Appliances Connection 3 weeks after I had to prod the trucking company to send the diswasher I ordered. Delivery was July 23rd. When I received it It was a week later than their promised delivery date of the 18th, and 2 Hrs later than the window they gave me. I inspected it and found no damage that I could tell. We couldn’t install it till the weekend, which was the 28th of July. But as we were installing it, we found damage that would compromise the machines function, not repairable. We asked for an RMA on the 28th, submitted all the info and pics and they have done nothing to help at all in the return process. In fact they leave you pretty much to return everything at your expense and do nothing to help you return the damaged item. It seems their MO is to take your money, ship you damaged merchandise through the company they contract with to do their shipping, AM Home Delivery, and leave you to you to struggle, while they lie and do anything BUT help you to return the product, with their”Hassle Free Return Policy”. Appliances Connection Calvin Bittman also lied to Bosch stating that I accused him of sending a used machine, when I simply stated that It looked like it could have been used, or dropped, or had something stacked on it to damage it. Calvin Bittman also told Bosch that I was being taken care of by their customer service. Well if you could call evasive behavior being taken care of that is. This company is using tactics that leave the consumer entirely at risk for buying a purchase online. You must know you are getting something damaged if you buy from them so DONT! It is now August 6th and I still have the machine in my garage. I have sent pictures to Bosch and complained of Appliances Connection poor customer service and deceptive criminal tactics on how they treat their customers from the getgo. We are awaiting Bosch to service this consumer. …

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