a America Online is selling your private information, dont sign up with aol Internet!!. Dont make any free or paid account on STAY AWAY! They are invading your privacy, getting your emails and getting all your personal information and selling it. They dont allow you to delete your account there is no option to delete it and if you call them or do live chat they make up some bullcrap that the system is going through changes and they cant delete your account. obsurd ! makes no sense. I contacted them through live chat asking how to delete my account and the first thing they asked me was whats your name and account. They couldnt answer my simple question. They acted incompetent but it is a scam. I asked them if I could delete my account and they kept beating around the bush wasting my time never answered my question so I asked for a phone number for support and called them. They said I needed proof it was my account to delete it so then I gave it to them all my info listed in my account and then they said there was no way to delete my account. After I gave them my info and proof. Its simple I just wanted my account deleted and they wouldnt do it. I found out they were selling peoples information so I wanted my account deleted and they just confirmed what a scam they are. Do not sign up with aol your info is not safe. Any email transaction receipt or personal info is sold they get it and keep it. Not having an option to delete your account just makes it obvious what they are trying to pull. They have no right to do a thing with your info and they are doing it. scumbags. AVOID AOL.COM ..THEY WILL SELL YOUR INFORMATION !!!

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