Ameriplan Dental – IMPOSTER SCAM


I was contacted via email by a man named Michael Marcus that my resume selected through Indeed job website for various positions for company. However, I was selected for an online interview with their HR interviewer Peter Moore for the position that I selected via Google Hangouts app. On October 21, 2019, I was contacted again by Mr. Marcus via text message reminding me about the online interview with Mr. Moore on that day. Fast forward, I was informed about the work from home position and company with Mr. Moore along with job offer getting paid 30.00 an hour for 30 hours a week. Suddenly, I knew something was fishy about this company because I’m used to having job interviews in person not through an online app. The next day I was sent a letter of employment offering the same benefits, pay and hours but the letter also seemed not factual or legit at all. I asked a lot of questions about equipment and office supplies and paperwork. Mr. Moore informed me to report back the next morning on the app to filed out paperwork for the position. This morning, I received a check for 2,150.00 through FedEx for expenses to buy office supplies. I contacted the company headquarter s and about the scam and they told me to destroy the check. Trust me, I learned a valuable lesson from this situation.

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