American Indoor Sports Complaint


American Indoor Sports and Its owner Ralph are horrible when it comes to maintaining an indoor soccer league. Our team will no longer be apart of such a unorganized and haphazard way of running a league. We have been moved from a lower division to the “A” division twice, both times not being informed of the move. The owner has argued with our team organizer more than once to prove his point why we should be moved to the upper division even when we have had players that may be athletes but have never played organized soccer. He does not try to ration, nor does he take into consideration the fact that each team who pay the $700+ a season are clients/customers and not employees that can be fired. We as customers help make his business run, and it is unfortunate that he and his staff does not take the time out to listen to the problems that we have. I would not call American Indoor Sports Crooks, but I would say that they do not care about the customer and do care about money, taking away playoffs during a season and such. American Indoor is not a part of the North Texas Soccer Association, and probably will never be considering the way they do business. If you would like to play indoor soccer competitively or just for fun AVOID American Indoor, because if you complain to the staff and owner they will just do whatever they can to drive your team out of the facility…

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