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Complaint: These fools can not effectively run an office in the Chicago Division. There is no leadership, better yet a one man-my way or the highway mentality. Waypoint, Blackstone, Vinyard and MACK Companies all do it bigger and better. They do not pay on time and they do not pay at all. We have been waiting for payment for 2 months without one single phone call to explain why or what happened, better yet an excuse that they need another invoice. DENY-DELAY SCHEME. There leadership is not in sync with their QC teams and there are always miscommunications. Do not work for or with them, they will rip you off. There homes are not top quality and in the end the new renter is going to have many issues with the homes they think are rehabbed and remodeled. Very sad company doing it all wrong in Chicago. Corporate should really take a look at what is going on out there!

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 22917 Pacific Coast Highway #300 Malibu, California United States of America


Phone: 312-720-5462

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