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Complaint: My basement flooded a week ago due to a sump pump failure. AHS sent a plumber out who LOOKED at the pump and said nothing was wrong with it. But before the IDIOT left my house, he tried to UPSELL me a $1700.00 sump pump. But a funny thing happened before that IDIOT got down my road! MY SUMP PUMP stopped working again and the sump pit started to overflow. My emergence pump however kicked in and stopped the basement from flooding again. IN fact, the pump stopped working 2 more times while the flood cleanup crew witnessed in disbelief! I immediately called AHS and all they did was send another plumber out to my home. I asked them NOT to send anyone who was only going to do nothing. So another plumber came out and guess what? He found nothing wrong again like the other idiot but went further. He stated that AHS would only pay if the sump pit had ground water only. He said that my furnace AC unit condensation line dumped into the pit and that AHS would not pay. What UTTER STUPIDITY! Most houses with a furnace in the basement with AC has a condensation line that ties into the sump lines and ultimately the sump pit. I am talking about DRIP< DRIP DRIP versus a rush of ground water. What idiots AHS is and whoever drafts their contracts apparently does so with the intent to rip off customers while enriching themselves with the monthly debits. When I called back yet again and spoke to some bimbo in my opinion at 877-489-8320, she argued what the policy stated and seemed delighted that the policy stated groundwater. AHS has NO INTENTION OF PAYING FOR SUMP PUMPS SINCE ANY HOME AGAIN WITH A BASEMENT FURNACE WITH CONDENSATION PIPE COMING OFF OF IT WILL HAVE THAT DRIPPINGGGGGGGG RUN INTO THE SUMP PIT. What rip off liars they are in my opinion. DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH AHS! NEVER!

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Phone: 877-489-3659

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