Amarr Entrematics Review


I purchased a Pella Garage door from Lowe’s January 14, 2016. The installation warranty, they said was up January 14, 2017. On April 29, 2017 I hit the remote to lower the door and it stopped. I raised the door up and looked up and the “J” arm had pulled and twisted the top of the door, and would not allow the door to close. I watched as I tried to lower it again, and the Arm kept twisting the door. | I went immediately to Lowe’s and talked with them there. They said they would turn it over to the installer’s and see if they could do anything. A week later I had to call them because no one ever contacted me. I finally spoke with a Nice Guy that tried to help me out as much as he could. He emailed me the Claim information and I went to work filing a claim and including pictures. | On May 15, I had to call them because I never heard anything. They said they had emailed me for “more” pictures including the inside and outside of the Garage. I shot every angle I could and explained the door would not lower to get a picture of the outside. I sent them at least 20 different pictures. | Today, May 16, 2017 I got an email from them saying, ” We regreat that we are unable to honor your warranty claim. It was evidenced the the door outran the opener and the dent in the strut of the top section is consistent with the J-arm coming into contact with the section. This can be caused by not keeping up with the maintenance of your garage door and opener. Amarr’s residential door warranty only covers damage caused from a product defect. We were unable to locate any product defects in the photographs that were provided.” | This door is less than 18 months old. What kind of maintenance do you do in that time frame? Then they go on to say, ” To order replacement material, please contact a dealer…” | Oh my gosh. I will be 64 years old next week. I just bought this house 2 years ago this month and I cannot believe that someone can make a judgement call by pictures alone. Why couldn’t they send someone out to look at it? An old woman with no fight left in her has no idea where to turn from here.


Name: Amarr Entrematics

Country: United States

State: Kansas

City: Lawrence

Address: 3800 Greenway Cir

Phone: 785-865-5500


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