Amanda Victoria Patton – Columbus, Ohio Ohio


This girl is married to a seemingly very nice man. This doesn’t stop her from fucking around Columbus all in the name of feminism. Nothing smashes the patriarchy more than fucking over your husband. Bonus points when the other men are married. I found out she slept with my (now) ex some time last year. She wants so hard to be liked that she’ll schmooze with you at events that are meant to be uplifting for women when she’s been fucking your partner behind your (and her husband’s) back. I can’t tell if she’s that desperate for attention and approval or if she’s just fucking sadistic. I know I am not the only one, I’ve met several women who have similar stories about her actions. I’ve talked to former co-workers of Amanda’s and she brags about how she cheats on her husband. This how one woman found out, one of the aforementioned co-workers reached out the girlfriend of one of the men Amanda was sleeping with. Ladies, if you see this woman be aware of who she really is instead of the harbinger of the feminist revolution she wants to portray herself as.

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