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I ordered a watch from this company. I was very skeptical and I asked them in advance whether my concerns were valid and they assured me they were not. The watch arrived while I was out of town, and when I finally got the watch it fogged up from me washing my hands even though it was supposed to be water resistent to 3M. Then one of the metal markers fell off and the second hand got stuck on the marker that fell off. I contacted them and I said I didn’t want the watch repaired, I wanted a refund as I had no faith that the next watch would be a quality watch. This was a $240 purchase. I asked for a credit or a refund. They refused. Here is the text of their emails: “The only option you have is to ship it back

we will fix whatever has fallen off and ship the same watch back to you Thank you Keisha Gomes”” I responded that I wanted a different remedy and that this response was inappropriate and sought an alternate response. Then the company THREATENED DEFAMATION. “”Hi Katarinna We work according to policies listed and stated on the Website

clearly. If you have a problem

ship it back and weu2019ll fix it as new and ship it back to you Now down to your threat

which I really do not take lightly

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