Allianz Travel Insurance Company Georgia Review


I recently booked an airline flight to go and see my daughter in Colorado. On the day of the flight, I had a severe hopitalization panic attack and was unable to go through with our flight plans. When I purchased the insurance, I was aware of the things they do not cover, however I felt sure that since I had such a severe panic attack they would cover it. nI was very sick that morning and my husband had to take me to the doctor and stay with me. My son who is 11 was unable to go on the flight also due to myself and my husband being at the hospital. nI contacted them and filled out my claim form and even had my doctor fill out the form that stated they recommended that I cancel. The company did not tell me that I had to fill out a separate claim form for my spouse and child to try to have their flight refunded. They also stated that they could not refund my husband or sons flight money due to my illness being mental. Really???? They expected my husband to go through with the flight with me in such a bad condition. Any normal husband would never leave their wifes side at a hospital. Do they really think that I could have put my son on a plane without myself or my husband? The insurance is really not worth buying. They should at least refund my husband and sons. They should not be punished for my type of illness. nIt really doesn’t make sense. They should know husbands and wifes can’t leave each other sick or their children on a plane all alone.nDon’t waste your money or time!!!!!

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