Alicia Waddell Collins – Turlock, California California


I caught this “woman” sending my boyfriend naked pictures of herself and and sext messages through the direct message feature of Instagram. She was friends with my boyfriend and could see all of the pictures of him and I together. Clearly she has no morals or any kind of self worth which led her to make the conscious decision to make herself a homewrecker. When I confronted my boyfriend he told me that he did it as a joke and used her because she was old and ugly and would send him pictures. That he just wanted attention. He could have picked a more attractive woman…..not a saggy old hag. I asked her to tell me everything that went on between her and my boyfriend and was given no response. She does not even have the decency to apologize for whatvshebhas done. I mean, it’s one thing if you are under the impression that someone is single but to knowingly do this is just disgisting.

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