Air Go Heating and Air Hendersonville Tennessee Review


Air Go of Nashville didn’t recognize or repair an air conditioning problem that resulted in $1500 of damage. They screened calls & wouldn’t rtrn messages to resolve issue. For a year we’d been having problems with the A/C unit above my daughter’s room. Airgo came out and said they looked the unit over and there wasn’t a problem. They did this multiple times and each time we had to pay a $60 service fee. The condensation pump ran constantly for a full year, we told them about it, and they said everything was fine. When we returned from a vacation, the pump had finally burned itself out which resulted in a lot of ceiling and wall damage because of all the condensation that had not been pumped out. We tried to contact Airgo but they wouldn’t answer the phone. We left messages but they wouldn’t return calls. When we tried calling from a different number they would talk to us and say that the manager would call back. That never happened. Finally, we called another company in to see what was going on. They immediately “condemned”” the system and did all the repair that should have been done in the first place. They replaced the condensation pan and pump

rerouted some duct work

and other things that were out of my level of expertise. Everything has been fine ever since. I tried again to contact Airgo to have them come out and make repairs to my ceiling and wall. All I encountered were the same problems we had when I tried to contact them before. Finally

after about 7 weeks

I purchased the matierials and made the repair myself

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