AHMS/ Option One Mortgage Takoma Maryland


Complaint: 1. I read your report of AHMSI,American Home Mortgage Another victim of fraud Coppell,Texas reported by: Robin–Silver Spring, Maryland U S A. 2. It seemed too late to know you at this Ripoff Scams and would like to contact you now! 3. I don’t known your name and how to contact you, is your name Robin ? if not sorry about it. 4. I realized that the harassment of the India you received the phone, I have these experience too! 5. I don’t know your house has been taken away by foreclosure or not? 6. My house was auction in very low price ( the bank bit or auction by itself and I was evicted then. 7. The late fee,money late to post to the account,money missing to post to the account,do not report the tax to IRS,can not find the papers or which office have your record,charged the very high home insurance fees(over $4,000) even you have your own better insurance coverage,never admitted their fraud or wrong doing! the Robo-signature,the modification trick, many many more you name it, all of the cases above happened at my history payment(you know I have receive 5 (five) difference history payments!) 8. I hope or wished that you read this report and call me at :240-898-5798. Leo T. 9. I think we have to do something about it and I believe many people get cheating by AHMSI/ Option One/ H&R Block/Well fargo.

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Address: 3 Ada Irvine, Ca 92618 Internet United States of America

Website: www.oomc.com/

Phone: N/A

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