Adventure RV


Adventure RV Sold none working RV refrigerator and will not back up product Servierville Tennessee!!. Ordered $1,300.00 Norcold RV refrigerator online, after numerous texts was told it was backordered. Received unit 3 weeks later. Had unit installed by certified installer and unit doesn’t work. Tried to contact Company, but can only email them (convenient way to avoid dealing with compliant). When they emailed back they replied that since I had installed the unit it wasn’t their problem. I needed to call Norcold. How would I know that the unit wasn’t working if I hadn’t installed it? IF YOU CAN’T CONTACT THEM IT’S HARD TO GET A RESPONSE OR RESOLUTION TO A PROBLEM!!! Spent $395.00 have unit installed and now have have it uninstalled and pay more. RIPOFF!! Used credit card a payment went through immediately.

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