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Aamco of Daytona beach Screwed me out of a full transmission rebuild!!! Daytona beach Florida!!. I called aamco seeing as they are supposed to be a well reputable company well boy was I wrong. I called and spoke to Mike about the issues I was having and he said drop it off we will check it out. So I dropped it off got a call saying it needed a full rebuild. The verbal assessment that I was given was d**n near everything was bad in my transmission at 92,000 miles and believe me my car has been very well maintained and taken care of. Well the first issue was I was given a rediculous price to have this rebuild somewhere around 8,000$. Well me in shock I said no I believe you are sadly mistaken I am not paying that when I can buy a refurbished one from auto zone for around 5000$. I was told I was wrong and that they don’t make a such thing as a refurbished trans the same model as mine so I told him to go do his own research because I found it pretty sad a well know transmission shop manager didn’t told me I was wrong when clearly I was correct. I was also told that my car had such and such a transmission in it, which he was once again wrong and I had to correct him. So he said he would call me back after he did some research, well he calls me back saying I was right(which I already knew) he then proceeded to give me a price just over the price of the brand new refurbished one. I declined and said no thanks then he proceeds to get me to around just under 5k$ with a pretty decent warranty. I went to aamco the following day to see what was going on with my transmission . I asked to see the bad parts in my transmission and he said that it was all stacked up in order that it goes in and he can’t pull it apart so nothing gets messed up, meanwhile locking the garage part of the shop up. He then took me to the office and proceeded to go over all the parts that were faulty and I asked to see the order sheets for my new parts and I was also declined to see them. Once again thinking nothing of it knowing aamco is a well known “reputable” business. So I told him it would take me up to three weeks to come up with the money he said no problem. I get a call three days later saying my car is done. Wow three days for a full rebuild and you had a completely packed shop? Well I said I would not have the money for another three days. He called my phone every day almost three times a day the eating to charge me excessive amounts of money for storage fees and such and such so I was forced to borrow money from the company I work from to pay him to avoid these storage fee threats. So I get my car back not happy at all after this whole deal. Happy to have my car back, I driving home in such a good mood now because I have My vehicle back and not having to ask and pay for rides. So I’m driving home not even 20 mins from aamco shop and I got to pass a car on the interstate and what do you know my car drops out of gear. The exact same thing it did when I dropped it off. So I coast to the side of the road almost being hit by other cars. I come to a complete stop then put it in park then drive and it goes again as it did before. Then I try to use cruise control which worked flawlessly before they touched it. Doesn’t work. Great. So I drive home, can’t call aamco because they are closed I had to fly out of town for work the following morning and have been out of town since. My girlfriend drives my car to do her basic things each day. The car since then has dropped out of fear many many times cruise control still doesn’t work traction control hasn’t worked at all either. The car downshifts so hard sometimes it squeals the tires and just recently she said it threw a check engine code. So she takes the car to advanced auto and they run a code reader and it says problems in the trans, boy what a surprise. She had another shop all this time it had something. To do with the transmission control module not the internals. She can’t afford I drop the car of to aamco again and lose her job and I couldn’t see her doing that either. And I’m at fear for having my car even more messed up. So needless to say I have been screwed over by aamco of close to 5,000$ and I have no clue what to do.

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