AAA of Northeast Penn


AAA of Northeast Penn AAA AAA Tow truck driver beats my starter with a Rock then denies it after asked Scranton, Pennsylvania!!. My car broke down and I called AAA they came and tried to start my car it started then died, but after that Johnson’s towing driver took a rock and contuously beat hard on my cars starter and disconnected the cruise and vacuum hoses and dented my starter. When I called Jim from AAA he called Johnsons towing and their driver DENIED hitting my car with a rock and said I was lying. AAA said go to the magistrate there is nothing we can do I have 2 conflicting stories. WHat a joke I have no recourse and I told him I wasn’t lying and I am a pastor. He didn’t care and hung up. What recourse do I have legally? Please help me! I asked AAA for a plus membership for 1 year for free which I feel would’ve been fair, Jim just denied it and hung up he could care less. How can they get away with thiss? Very Angry, Rev Matthew Mattero

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