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Complaint: Ok, I’m updating a few things I saw in other reports. First, I’m not saying AFA lied about any service that I actually used. This information can be found if you happen to land on the right page. Some information, like how one gets an IMBRA form and from whom, does seem to be deliberately buried, though people could differ on that. I searched their website for days but found no information about where and how to get the form. This is how I feel I got burnt. You can join the website free and search the profiles. Or you can pay a $95 one time fee followed by $29.95 a month and get practically nothing in return.More about that in a second. Once you fill out your profile, which looks like any abbreviated dating site profile, if approved, you can start emailing (thru AFA) anyone you want or you can make the mistake I did, and check “I want to receive invitations””. I got 68 invitations my first 2 or 3 days. I discarded 52 immediately based on their profiles

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Address: and proceeded to eliminate all but about 8 that were really attractive and intelligent “”girls””. I couldn’t tell you who was behind the pretty picture. Every time a girl sends you an invitation email

Website: you’re going to answer her. That’s gonna cost you another $9.99. So

Phone: it costs $5.95 to open it. That only happens once. Every photo she sends you is locked until you pay the $3.50 for each picture you unlock. Letters generally come with 3 or 4 pictures. Every time you receive a letter after the first invite

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