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A deposit of 100.00 was place down on a glass for a 1974 jaguar. About one week later the car was stolen. But when I recovered the car the it was in very bad shape and it had to be totaled out. Thats when I found my invoice for the auto glass in the glove box. So I called the auto glass company and explained to them what had happened. Mr. Noor said that he would look into it and then call me back just give him a few days so I waited until Monday (5 days) to call him and at that time he stated that he would need more time so I said ok and waited 5 more days. That is when he told me that he needed another copy of the invoice so I then faxed it to him. Called him back on 08.09.03 and thats when he told me that he would call me back. Os on 08.11.03 he called and left a message that he would refund me, less 25%. So I called him on that date and never got him. So I called 1st thing the next day 08.12.03 and talked to him thats when he stated that he would refund me the money, but what he did was took 25% off the total of 185.00. the amount that I paid was 100.00 so he then said that it was about 54.00 dollars that I would be getting back. I asked him how can he take 25% off of the total he then stated that it was on the out side of the building. But 25% off the total of 185.00 that not fair. I told him that I would be willing to pay 25% of the 100.00 (which is what I paid) he said ok, but I would have to pay the shipping charges of 20.00. so Im back to square one. He then hung up saying take it or leave it. I tried to call him back but he was always out. Terrance houston, TexasU.S.A.

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